Lebanon/Patrimony: the Taboulé, a typical Lebanese dish

The taboo could be in first place in the series of best-of Lebanese tables. It is indeed a dish that does...

Lebanon/Patrimony: The Church of St. Charbel de Maad and its medieval frescoes

The church is dedicated to Mar Charbel the Elder who is said to have lived in Edessa in the 2nd century...

Lebanon/Patrimony: the creation of Greater Lebanon

The State of Greater Lebanon was proclaimed on 1 September 1920 by General Henri Joseph Eugène Gouraud, representing the French authority...

Lebanon celebrates its centenary

Lebanon celebrates this September 1st, the date of the Proclamation by the mandate authorities, in the presence of the main political...
Le bienheureux Estephan Nehmé. Source Photo: Wikipedia.org.

The Saints of Lebanon: Blessed Estephan Nehmé

On June 27, 2010, under the presidency of Cardinal Nasrallah Sfeir, the monastery of Saint Cyprien and St. Justine, in the...
Le sanctuaire de Maghdouché au Sud Liban. Crédit Photo: François el Bacha pour Libnanews.com

Lebanon/Patrimony: The Virgin of Maghdouché or “Our Lady of Waiting”

A city in southern Lebanon in the district of Saida, 50 km from Beirut, it is known to host the famous...