Notre Dame de Jounieh Hospital. Photo credit: Francois el Bacha for
Notre Dame de Jounieh Hospital. Photo credit: Francois el Bacha for

After the financial crisis or that linked to the coronavirus and which resulted in a significant wave of deaths in Lebanon from January to March, both private and public hospitals fear power cuts. Some have already reduced the air conditioning of some services when they are suffering from major cuts in public electricity and difficulties in obtaining fuel for their generators normally reserved for emergencies.

The director of Rafic Hariri University Hospital, Dr. Firas Abiad thus estimated that lives are now in danger on Twitter, noting that the majority of medical equipment now spends electric fairy which is all the more necessary today in relation to the health situation and a possible increase in the number of people. affected by covid and which would require the use of artificial respirators.

Already yesterday, he noted, still on twitter, that the rate of positive tests for covid was now 4%, a sharp increase, including 2 members of the health staff of the establishment he heads and who would be vaccinated and many young people who unfortunately are not, calling for the vaccination of as many people as possible. He also deplored the lack of monitoring of the distancing measures essential to limit the spread of the disease when Lebanon is now a practically open country.

Also yesterday, the outgoing Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan announced that several cases of people infected with the Delta variant have been diagnosed. The presence of this variant in Lebanon worries many public health specialists.

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