New fact, after the smuggling of fuel, the sale of gasoline and fuel oil on the black market following the current shortages on the Lebanese market.

The internal security forces thus dismantled a fuel oil resale network on the Lebanese market as part of operations to monitor smuggling operations into Syria. They thus identified 2 Lebanese nationals designated by their initials, KW (born in 1983) and JR (born in 1979), selling fuel oil on the black market. They designated as accomplice (AA, born in 1971, Lebanese), storing large quantities in a warehouse located in the town of Aidimoun which belonged to him.

The FSI thus searched the premises and found 7 fuel tanks containing 106,140 liters of fuel oil and 19,025 liters of gasoline.

Some operators in the sector would wait until the end of the subsidy program for the purchase of basic necessities financed by the monetary reserves of the Banque du Liban.

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