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The chronicles of the authors of Libnanews, the Citizen Media of Lebanon, with rants, analyses, thoughts, stories related or not to current events

Aoun blames the banking party for the paralysis of the forensic audit

The President of the Republic and the Prime Minister-designate have not yet agreed on the composition of the government. A few days ago, it...

General Aoun, time to take exceptional action in exceptional circumstances

Mr. President of the Republic, Your Excellency, General Michel Aoun, Faced with the current crisis in Lebanon, exceptional measures must be taken. In 2017,...

Lebanon: Economic reforms in the pipeline for a long time and what about political...

While Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri presented his economic program, it appears that the protests are continuing. And for good reason, many questions and...

Formation of the government: third blocking for Aoun or rather control of the Trio...

The Lebanese population suffers because of the pandemic, of course, but also and above all because of the disappearance of their bank deposits, the...