CEO ANTHONY ABOU ANTOUN Shows a Massive Comeback and Proves That His Innovation Has No Borders!


While the majority of entrepreneurs across the nation consider the current instability to be a barrier for their growth, Anthony Abou Antoun turns times of uncertainty into big opportunities to enhance his booming career. 

At just 26 years young, young Lebanese CEO Anthony owns a series of international brands and licenses including but not limited to: Artists and More Entertainment, Crazy Events, The Digital Express, The Crazy City and Ibiza Dancers.

2021 was definitely a big year for Abou Antoun. He took his primary brand Artists and More globally, by branching out to Dubai. His worldwide productions attracted large crowds amongst various residencies and projects within clubs, malls, corporates and much more. His massive comeback was well recognized through the month of December where he managed to prove himself by presenting his unique style of work- which granted him prospects with large brands and clients across the UAE, marking his advantageous presence through the Middle East.

Sure enough, Anthony never leaves his mother country behind no matter what the circumstances. His team was fully booked throughout the entire holiday season. He showed us new inventions all over Beirut, ranging from immense weddings, nightlife entertainment creations, privates, and to our surprise, the rise of his OWN musical rhythm.

Yes! You heard that right. The moment we have been all waiting for Abou Antoun finally unleashed his hidden talent in playing music. His path began throughout his residency at your favorite spot: B018 – Dirty Chic. With the help and support of his Dj friends and the club management, he was able to release his instrumental potential with his own dynamic touch by spicing up our favorite nights.

What we love most about Anthony, is the love and appreciation he has towards every team member and person that helped him get to where he is now. He definitely does not let any effort go unnoticed, and this is the true entrepreneurial spirit we all need.

So, what are you waiting for? Anthony Abou Antoun, our Lebanese pride, keeps proving that true success has no limits whatsoever- which makes him a vulnerable role model not only to the Lebanese youth, but all young thinkers around the world. 

Take his advice, and follow your passion. 

It all starts within YOU!

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