The Secretary General of the CGTL Béchara Asmar denounced, by a press release, the increases in the prices of both sustained and unsupported products. He therefore believes that vulnerable populations are no longer able to meet basic needs, particularly in terms of food.

He revealed that the rise in the price of meat comes despite the importation of 21,000 head of cattle.

According to the union official, the price of a kilo of meat varied from 12,000 LL to 75,000 LL. He also pointed out that bakeries no longer have baker’s yeast, yet officially supported by the Banque du Liban, due to unpaid bills from the central bank, leading to an increase in the price of bread.

These same increases would also concern drugs and medical equipment, denounces Béchara Asmar.

He therefore calls on “all officials of the ministries of economy, trade, agriculture, interior, municipalities and the state of the Prime Minister to rectify what is happening today”, threatening serious consequences if action is not taken after the Eid el Fitr holiday.

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