The city of Tripoli. Photo credit: François el Bacha, for All rights reserved.
The city of Tripoli. Photo credit: François el Bacha, for All rights reserved.

The Lebanese and Iraqi security services are currently cooperating while 35 young people according to the intelligence services of the internal security forces, 65 according to the intelligence services of the Lebanese army have integrated the terrorist organization of Daesh.

Meetings between the various intelligence services of the two countries have already taken place and 29 individuals have been identified. They should be accused of belonging to the terrorist organization, says the daily Al Akhbar in its January 11 edition. On the basis of the information obtained, they would have gone to Iraq via Turkey and in particular the Kirkuk area beyond the control of the Iraqi military and security forces or on the borders with Syria.

The daily also recalls that the American authorities transferred to Lebanon, in July 2018, 8 individuals of Lebanese nationality belonging to Daesh, who had been apprehended by the Kurdish and American forces in these areas. The latter were only brought before the Lebanese justice a month later, the time to question them. They were then sentenced to 2 and 3 years in prison.

After their release from prison, a number of them would have tried to return to Iraq and Syria or even tried to recruit other young people in Lebanon for the benefit of the terrorist organization against a monthly salary of more than 2,000 USD. .

It is only following the death of 2 young Daesh members from Tripoli that the families who have benefited so far from this financial windfall have chosen to report the disappearance of their children.

Other information from the newspaper Al Akhbar, arms smuggling between Lebanese and Syrian regions is intensifying. There has reportedly been an increase in domestic demand for arms over the past 6 months, all paid for in dollars. For the time being, the people for whom this military equipment is intended are unknown.

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