The cultural heritage of Lebanon is a rich and diverse mosaic of cultural and creative expressions. Culture is also an important resource for economic growth and job creation. It offers the potential to revitalise urban and rural areas and promote sustainable tourism. 

For many years, the European Union has supported cultural activities in Lebanon and made available learning initiatives and exchange programmes, by funding mobility, co-creation, and co-production activities. We strongly believe that culture can bring innovative solutions and economic benefits.

At this challenging time, we continue to stand with Lebanon in coping with the COVID-19 and socio-economic crises. To promote Lebanon’s amazing potential as a tourism destination and local economic activity in various sectors at this difficult time, and considering that many people have limited travel options for their holidays this summer due to the economic situation and worldwide travel restrictions, we have teamed up with L’Agenda Culturel and produced three maps:

  • Lebanon Museum Map will allow you to discover the country’s 98 museums, including the well-known galleries and institutions but also some hidden local gems:
  • Lebanon Wine Map will take you to 58 Lebanese wineries, some of which were established in the 18th century, and introduce you to the people behind them:
  • Lebanon Guesthouse Map will allow you to explore Lebanon’s diverse landscape by staying in one of 119 guesthouses from the North all the way to the South:

We hope many Lebanese and visitors to Lebanon will find these maps useful and they will inspire many to discover and appreciate this beautiful country even more. Most importantly, we hope this donation will give more visibility and help support many local businesses. 

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