Speaking on the occasion of Jerusalem Day, the Hezbollah secretary general said he was not suffering from the COVID19 coronavirus, contrary to some rumors. However, he says he currently has bronchitis with no other symptoms.

He also began by warning Israel that it should hold a series of military exercises starting this Sunday.

Starting on Sunday morning, we will take all calm and appropriate measures that will not alarm anyone inside Lebanon in an invisible way, but the enemy must know that we will be careful, alert and prepared. (…) Any false movement towards Lebanon during the exercise will be an adventure of the enemy. The enemy will be mistaken if he thinks that we will be afraid to face any attempt to modify the rules of engagement or any security or military action. (…) We will not be indulgent and we will not tolerate any error, violation or hostile action of the enemy throughout Lebanese territory.

Addressing the negotiations currently suspended between Lebanon and Israel with a view to delimiting the reciprocal exclusive maritime spaces, the latter indicates that the silence of Hezbollah does not interfere in the process underway.

May the State assume its historic responsibility for the demarcation of the border and the preservation of the rights of the Lebanese people and consider that it is based on real strength. (…) We have found that it is in the interest of Lebanon and in the definite interest of the resistance that we stay away from this issue. (…) Lebanon is not at all weak ”and that“ the United States and Israel cannot impose choices that the Lebanese do not want.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah also welcomed the holding of a dialogue between Iran and Saudi Arabia, also supporting any dialogue that helps to pacify the region.

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