The president of the free patriotic current Gébran Bassil and the Lebanese forces attacked strongly by tweets and statements interposed.

Thus, this Sunday Gébran Bassil estimated that each hour of rationing of public electricity costs 32% more of the monetary reserves in foreign currency, because of the increased consumption and the use of district generators. “Each hour, the private generator costs six times more than the electricity supplied by electricity from Lebanon,” he said in a series of tweets.

Every moment of darkness and every extra penny paid by the Lebanese people must be blamed on the deputies who lied to the people and deprived Electricite du Liban to buy fuel for the operation of the power plants that require maintenance.

Gébran Bassil, August 8, 2021

He was referring to the appeal presented by the Lebanese forces who prevented granting two hundred million dollars to Electricité du Liban to buy the fuel oil needed for the operation of the power stations.
He also attacked the Banque du Liban which refused to conduct an operation to exchange EDL’s own funds denominated in Lebanese pounds to obtain dollars, an operation aimed at allowing the purchase of spare parts.

These remarks were denounced by the deputies of the Lebanese forces, targeted by the latter, noting that the ministry of energy and hydraulic resources were in the hands of the CPL for 12 years and that 40 billion dollars would have been spent there.

They also accused the CPL of being behind the establishment of the “diesel cartel” and of not having followed the advice of the international monetary fund.

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