Speaking the day after the announcement of the withdrawal of Saad Hariri’s candidacy and while the date of the mandatory parliamentary consultations aimed at appointing a new prime minister-designate have not yet been revealed by the Presidency of the Republic, the vice -President of the House Elie Ferzli spoke on the airwaves of the voice of Lebanon.

He thus conditioned any new government on the blessing and support of “Prime Minister Saad Hariri”, noting that the current situation is confused.

The MP also accused the obstructionists without identifying them of being at the origin of the current crisis. They would have done so because of “personal factors, hatred and wickedness, contributed to the ruin of the country and thwarted the possibility of forming a government”.

Elie Ferzli accused the Presidency of the Republic of wanting to maintain the Hassan Diab government until the legislative elections of 2022.

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