This information is false

In a video that is circulating virally on social media, an unidentified man presents a wad of notes as being those of the million Lebanese pounds.

Already deeply shocked by the de facto devaluation of the local currency against the dollar, many would believe this news to be true.

However, seeing the video properly, notwithstanding the sound, we can very well identify the note as being that of 100,000 Lebanese pounds issued on the occasion of the centenary of the proclamation of the State of Greater Lebanon , in December 2020.

This banknote, with a nominal value of 100,000 LL, depicts several symbols of the Lebanese capital Beirut, including the famous clock in Star Square, the Pigeon Cave and the Phoenician boat.

A controversy had also erupted when this post was revealed to the public because of the disappearance of The Cross which is on the Baptistery of the church dated from the period of the Saint John Marc de Byblos crusades.

This news, even if it is false, exacerbates all the more the monetary situation, already strained by the deterioration to the tune of 93% of the value of the Lebanese pound against the dollar, whereas this week, the Lebanese pound hit its lowest level on the black market, to the tune of 23,450 LL / USD on Friday July 17th after the announcement of the withdrawal of Saad Hariri’s candidacy for the presidency of the council of ministers.

Much false news is currently circulating on social networks, contributing a little more to this deterioration in parity and therefore in the purchasing power of the population. It is therefore a question of reason to keep.

This false news is all the more worrying as it also contributes to inciting incidents when 77% of the population is already no longer enough to eat, including 33% of children. The minimum wage is now less than $ 30 per month and the median wage is $ 97 per month. Many Lebanese households now live below the poverty line, set at USD 6 per day. 43% of the working population is even unemployed.

According to the latest official statistics, the inflation rate reached 120% over a period of one year in May 2021. For the food item alone, the price increase has even affected more than 220%.

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