Speaking this Sunday, January 2, the president of the Courant Patriotique Libre Gébran Bassil strongly attacked the president of the chamber Nabih Berri, accused of being at the origin of the political blockage which currently affects Lebanon. He also called on Hezbollah to move away from the Amal movement, calling for the implementation of the Mar Mikhael accords, signed by the two parties in February 2006.

Gébran Bassil thus addressed his first words to “the families of the victims of the port who lost their lives because of an unjust crime” while the judge Tarek Bitar in charge of the investigation relating to the explosion of the Port of Beirut is still trying to hear the former finance minister Ali Hassan Khalil, right-hand man of the president of the chamber Nabih Berri. He thus believes that Lebanon requires a “major change” which would include “all aspects of our national life” and a transformation of the “political system and the financial and economic system”, recalling that only the President of the Republic, whose mandate today is running out, called for a national dialogue, a call so far ignored by political parties.

The parliamentarian notes that “some have turned consensual democracy into a veto right for each sect, and they are using it to paralyze the Cabinet or even prevent voting on ordinary resolutions”, alluding to the boycott of the Shiite ministers of the Amal movement and of the Hezbollah of cabinet sessions after Judge Tarek Bitar indicted former finance minister Ali Hassan Khalil last November, demanding the magistrate’s relinquishment.

Gébran Bassil thus recognized that the state has experienced a failure under the presidency of the head of state, noting, however, that he does not wish to live in a failing state but in a secular state, a failure indirectly attributed to the current paralysis. of the cabinet.

We want a civil and secular state, a strong army, a productive economy and an independent foreign policy.

Gbran Bassil

He also noted that while the unity of the Shiite community is important, it should not come at the expense of the state, indirectly accusing Hezbollah of covering up the corruption of its allies.

We chose Mar Mikhail over Tayyouneh, and we are still with that choice, but where is the practical translation of the Mar Mikhail agreement? Where is the state located? Can this be done by covering up corruption?

Gbran Bassil

Gébran Bassil thus believes that an improvement in the Mar Mikhael agreements with Hezbollah is necessary since its current mode no longer corresponds to the challenges that the Land of the Cedars is facing, in particular at the level of current disputes concerning foreign policy, allusion to the crisis. diplomatic with the Arab and financial countries and the impossibility of replacing the governor of the Bank of Lebanon Riad Salamé, supported by certain allies of the Shiite movement.

He thus calls on the leader of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, “who has a special place in my heart and my mind”, to activate the joint committee in order to improve these agreements. However, these talks are said to be currently frozen by the president of the Amal movement, Nabih Berri.

It is unacceptable that he is asked to choose between the state and civil peace

Gbran Bassil

Gébran Bassil believes that the latest attacks against the judicial system or the constitutional council, the paralysis of the council of ministers and the incidents of Tayyouneh cannot be tolerated in this way. He also denounces the attempts at compromise, described as blackmail attempts, considered as infringements of the prerogatives of the presidency of the republic.

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