Receiving a delegation of depositors, the chairman of the parliamentary committee on administration and justice questioned the government Diab, the Banque du Liban and the Lebanese banks for the delay in approving the law concerning the capital control itself to be integrated into the economic, financial and monetary plan of the government.

“The study of the law took only a few weeks in the administration and justice committee, and it was sent from the committee on 07/29/21 to the general secretariat of the Parliament,” said the deputy who indicates that on October 17, 2019, the Bank of Lebanon had 34 billion dollars and more than 14 billion today.

Thus, according to Georges Adwan, “18 billion was wasted, in large part, in smuggling cartels, gasoline, diesel, food and drugs”, noting that in the event of the establishment of capital controls, “the major part of the depositors would have obtained all of their deposits, and the other part would have obtained part of them, instead of wasting them “.

The parliamentarian also attacked the Banque du Liban and banks in general, concerning the manipulation of exchange rates, between the official exchange rate and the exchange rate determined by the BdL, leading to a loss of value of 80% of deposits.

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