Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri may soon announce the withdrawal of his candidacy as the next president of the council of ministers, accusing the Presidency of the Republic and the Free Patriotic Current of obstructing the process of forming the next cabinet. The Presidency of the Republic is even accused of a partisan institution linked to the Free Patriotic Current by the person in charge of the Media of the Future Current.

Sources close to the Current of the Future indicate that all options are now on the table, including such a resignation. However, sources close to Saad Hariri indicate that the latter will not decide anything without coordinating his actions with the president of the chamber Nabih Berri.

This information comes at a time when the mediators of the president of the chamber, including the former finance minister Ali Hassan Khalil, were nevertheless optimistic after meeting the leader of the CPL Gebran Bassil who assured them of his full cooperation.

However, the stream of the future still accuses the CPL of wanting to obtain a blocking third party and the appointment of 2 Christian ministers within the next cabinet.

A decision to withdraw that could be taken during the coming week

The Prime Minister-designate could thus announce his withdrawal during the coming week. Saad Hariri did not publicly announce a possible withdrawal, he would have detailed the various initiatives and options available to him before the Sunni High Council in the presence of the Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdel-Latif Derian.

At issue, an increasingly exacerbated dispute about the appointment of 2 Christian ministers that he wishes to obtain instead of being appointed by the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun and the ministries of justice and the interior , which will be key portfolios in the fight against corruption and which he also wishes to obtain while some of his relatives are being investigated, including abroad.

The Sunni High Council however asked him to postpone this decision. The latter also rejected “any new constitutional norm” accusing the presidency of the republic of wanting to modify the functioning of the institutions in its favor. This position contrasts with that of the Patriarchate which accused the former prime minister of establishing new constitutional standards contrary to those of the national pact, with the constitution of a government granting one third to the Christian community and two thirds to the communities. Sunnis and Shiites.

In addition, he would also have informed the former prime ministers during a meeting which took place at the end of the week.

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