Optimism is no longer de rigueur in Lebanon, 2 weeks after the appointment of Prime Minister-designate Nagib Mikati, due to a dispute over the allocation of the four sovereign portfolios.

In question, the refusal of the president of the chamber Nabih Berri to abandon the ministry of finance, and also the will of the executives former prime minister Tammam Salam, Fouad Saniora, Saad Hariri and Najib Mikati to obtain at all costs the ministry of the interior .

Side of the President of the Republic, we note that the insistence of the Amal movement to appoint Youssef Khalil, vice-government of the Bank of Lebanon as the next minister of finance could undermine the forensic audit of the accounts of the central bank

The head of state would thus have put a strict veto on it, recalling that this audit constitutes one of the primary requirements of the international community to release the funds necessary for the revival of the local economy.

Likewise, obtaining the Ministry of the Interior now seems to be critical on the one hand in the context of the organization of the legislative elections to come in May 2022 and on the other hand also because of the investigations carried out against of certain personalities close to the Lebanese leaders, even against the Prime Minister designate Nagib Mikati, accused of embezzlement of funds intended for the purchase of real estate for the most vulnerable people.

Another key portfolio, also that of justice, the next holder of which could hinder or allow investigations relating to corruption or to the port of Beirut to go forward. It is also claimed by the Sunni community while relatives even of Fouad Saniora or Saad Hariri – including the governor of the Central Bank himself – are currently the subject of investigations for embezzlement.

No date has been given as to the next meeting between the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister designate, or even between the 3 men if we include the President of the House Nabih Berri, indicating consequently had widened , removing the possibility of setting up a government.

For his part, Prime Minister Nagib Mikati would have refused the very notion of rotation of sovereign portfolios at the level of the various religious sects, thus wishing to maintain a status quo.

Moreover, from a media source, it is indicated that new demands have appeared on the government file with insistence, for example from the former deputy Walid Joumblatt to obtain the ministry of social affairs.

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