Former deputy Walid Joumblatt
Former deputy Walid Joumblatt

Former deputy Walid Joumblatt fired back to back the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun and the now former Prime Minister designate Saad Hariri for their failure to form a new government. He thus spoke on MTV Lebanon.

Walid Joumblatt thus estimated that no one wants to find a compromise to reach a settlement of the situation.

No one wants it and no one wants to sacrifice something

Walid Joumblatt.

He thus estimates that the 2 camps do not manage to get along, estimating moreover that there is still a possibility “despite the obstacles” to form a government capable of negotiations with the IMF and to put an end to the current collapse. .

The former deputy also considered that only France today works internationally for Lebanon, also calling for parliamentary consultations to be held, “because the question is neither Sunni nor Christian, the question is national “.

Walid Joumblatt also calls for the establishment of a fuel and flour rationing plan. However, regarding fuels, its price should be aligned with current prices in Syria to end smuggling to that state. This increase should however be accompanied by state support for public transport.

This aid should also benefit institutions such as the Lebanese army and hospitals.

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