Notre Dame de Jounieh Hospital. Photo credit: Francois el Bacha for
Notre Dame de Jounieh Hospital. Photo credit: Francois el Bacha for

After a number of bakeries cut off the sale of bread following the fuel shortage, outgoing Prime Minister Hassan Diab gave instructions to reserve 500,000 liters of fuel for them.

This announcement comes at a time when the director general of petroleum installations, Aurore Féghali, announced that she could not follow the progress of the case because of the Al Adha holidays which led to an interruption in the work of many officials including those of the Lebanon which is struggling to grant the lines of credit necessary for the unloading of tankers yet present along the Lebanese coast.

This announcement comes at a time when hospitals but also tourist establishments have announced that they are suffering from the same fuel shortage, even leading to endanger the lives of patients with regard to hospitals . They thus indicate that they can no longer obtain the fuel oil necessary for the operation of the generators currently required 20 hours a day.

As a reminder, the monetary reserves of the Bank of Lebanon have so far financed the subsidy program for the purchase of basic necessities to the tune of 700 million dollars per month, half of which is devoted to fuels. However, the end of this program leads to a sharp increase in the prices of the latter. Medicines, gasoline and even fuel oil are therefore lacking on the local market.

The Order of Pharmacists has therefore called for lifting the subsidy program “at all costs” to at least guarantee the supply of drugs to the population. Voices are being raised so that the lifting of these subsidies first affects the fuel sector.


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