Hezbollah Number 2, Sheikh Naïm Kassem.

Hezbollah number 2, Sheikh Naïm Kassem, said his movement was exerting pressure on the parties concerned to facilitate the formation of a new government. These remarks come as tensions between the presidency of the republic General Michel Aoun and the presidency of the House Nabih Berri worsened yesterday after the latter felt that the president of the republic should not have a minister.

The dispute over constitutional procedures between the presidency and the grand seraglio would have nothing to do with political positioning or the distribution between religious communities, said the Shiite official. He therefore calls on General Aoun and Saad Hariri to make concessions otherwise the situation could continue to deteriorate.

Several meetings were thus organized, underlines Naïm Kassem, in particular with Gébran Bassil. However, only a meeting between General Aoun and Saad Hariri could lead to concrete results, he continued.

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