The Hezbollah Museum in Mlita. Photo Credit:, all rights reserved.

The Israeli authorities accused Hezbollah of storing weapons near residential areas, or even 25 meters from a school in the town of Ebba in the Nabatiyeh region of southern Lebanon. Civilians would thus be used as human shields, note the military officials of the Hebrew state which indicate that all the measures considered necessary will be taken concerning “the active targets”.

“All Hezbollah sites will be targeted,” announces the Israeli army, adding that it will reveal them.

This press release comes a few days after the 15th commemorations of the last conflict between Lebanon and Israel.

As a reminder, the conflict of July-August 2006 began following the kidnapping by Hezbollah of 2 Israeli soldiers. This war caused more than 1,200 victims on the Lebanese side, the majority being civilians, 30% of whom were children. 173 Israeli soldiers were killed on their side. Lebanon has also suffered the loss of many infrastructure, including roads, as Israeli forces bombed most of the bridges.

It ended with the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

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