Speaking this Monday, December 27, the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun wanted to answer the questions of the Lebanese population faced with multiple economic, financial, judicial and political crises while the executive authorities remain faced with paralysis institutions.

The head of state thus indicated to have worked in recent years in silence, sometimes successfully, sometimes without success to avoid the current collapse. He thus recalled having repeatedly called for internal conferences to try to resolve the crisis, but the system had so far refused to not take into consideration the interests of the population.

My adherence to the unity, sovereignty, independence and freedom of Lebanon pushed me to face, in 1990, projects of hegemony over the State. However, the interests of the outside and the inside came together and were stronger. the country was governed by a political and financial system without sovereignty or partnership.

General Michel Aoun, December 27, 2021

He recalled having thus called for dialogue with the demonstrators in October 2019, which they would have refused to hide under the slogan “all means all”.

“It is true that defending the native land requires cooperation between the army, the people and the resistance,” said the President of the Republic, who noted that this is the primary responsibility of the state and that the only entity that can put in place a defense strategy to implement it is this. He accuses people of having put in place a “systematic and deliberate” plan to dismantle state institutions. The dissolution of the state must stop, believes the head of state.

The solution, notes the President of the Republic, involves first the responsibility to determine the people guilty of having worked for the collapse, then to protect the funds of the depositors and to return it to them. It is also a question of working in favor of a secular state and a new system which should allow administrative and financial decentralization.

Who obstructed the criminal audit? Is the purpose of procrastination to hide or cover up the owners of stolen and wasted billionaires?

General Michel Aoun, December 27, 2021

The head of state also notes that the law establishing formal capital control remains blocked, as does the plan for the return of Syrian refugees and various bills or the audit of public accounts since 1997.

The next legislative elections must constitute a referendum on this basis, continues the President of the Republic.

General Aoun accuses the people behind the delays in the implementation of the previous rescue plan to have also delayed negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, thus increasing the costs and losses of depositors. The absence of an quantification of losses and a fair distribution has led to a loss of support from the international community, contrary to the interest of the population.

The paralysis of the government has in turn led to the paralysis of public institutions, underlines the President of the Republic, who calls for the Mikati III government to meet as soon as possible to adopt solutions to the crisis as well. This dissolution of the state is a crisis, notes General Aoun, which follows the paralysis of projects aimed at solving the crises of electricity, oil, water among others.

According to which law, logic or constitutional law, the cabinet can have its work suspended to make a decision that is not in its prerogatives“Asks the head of state, alluding to the boycott of the Amal movement and of Hezbollah who demand the relinquishment of judge Tarek Bitar after he indicted several relatives of the president of the chamber Nabih Berri in the context of of the investigation into the explosion in the port of Beirut.

Also, the President of the Republic notes that the Constitutional Council is now paralyzed, recalling moreover that its prerogatives are limited today.

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