In a presidential palace whose flags were half-masted due to the national mourning of August 4 following the explosion of the Port of Beirut last year, the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, reiterated his commitment that justice be done in the context of this case, recalling that he himself is ready to give his testimony to the judges in charge of the investigation.

In the presence of the outgoing Minister of Defense, Zeina Akkar, The Head of State described the economic, social and even humanitarian crisis that Lebanon is going through today during this aid conference organized by France and with the UN support.

The speech of the President of the Republic also addressed the humanitarian, social, economic repercussions, and also on the health and educational sectors of the crises which the Country of the Cedars is going through with an “unprecedented” rate of poverty, the epidemic of the covid , the lack of medicines etc … or the burden of the presence of more than a million Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The head of state denounced the blockade that the country of the cedars would currently support, alluding to the refusal of the international community to grant any aid before the establishment of a new government and the reforms deemed necessary.

Lebanon needs international aid, humanitarian aid for its population and the continuation of essential services, particularly in health or in the fields of electricity and water distribution. This aid must also concern the Lebanese army should as a safety valve and the restart of the Lebanese economy.

General Aoun estimated the imminent formation of a new government capable of implementing the reforms and preparing for the legislative elections before confirming that the 860 million dollars from the IMF granted under special titling rights will be used “attentively. and in the best way “. A forensic audit of public accounts is also deemed necessary by the head of state, including that of the accounts of the Banque du Liban, notes the President of the Republic, who concluded by thanking the countries participating in the conference.

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