The Ministry of Health has indicated that children aged 5 to 11 can now be registered on the COVAX platform and thus be vaccinated while covid19 continues to be rife in Lebanon but also abroad. Thus, the WHO estimated that 50% of the European population could be affected within 2 months by the virus. On the other side of the Atlantic, the number of hospitalizations of infected people is also rising sharply, causing serious concern from the authorities.

This information comes at a time when many public and private establishments have announced the postponement of the start of the school year initially scheduled for January 10 due to a high rate of contamination among teachers and students.

Regarding vaccination, 3,627,995 people registered on the COVAX platform, ie 66.6% of the population, including 5,926 yesterday.

Among them, 2,502,598 people received a first dose, ie 45.9% of the population. 10,588 people received a first dose yesterday.

2,011,340 people received 2 doses, ie 36.9% of the population, including 8,463 people yesterday.

361,553 people were triple vaccinated or 18% of the population including 7,397 people yesterday.

At the same time, the health ministry said 7,246 people were diagnosed positive for the coronavirus on Wednesday. 14 deaths are also to be deplored.

A total of 794,744 people have been infected since a first case recorded in February 2020 and 9,325 people have died. Among them, 75,641 are currently contaminated.

On the hospital side, Prime Minister Najib Mikati inaugurated the Biel medical triage center on Wednesday. The one, co-managed by the Lebanese Red Cross for transport and the Rafic Hariri university hospital for medical staff, would have less than a hundred beds and will be intended to keep patients for about a day in order to determine whether it is whether to hospitalize them or not.

722 people are currently hospitalized, 82% of which are not vaccinated. 66% of covid beds are thus occupied.

Among them, 362 people are placed in intensive care, 85% of which are not vaccinated. 77% of COVID intensive care beds are thus occupied.

Finally 76% are placed on respirators. 86% are not vaccinated.

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