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The water supply sector could in turn collapse within a month, said UNICEF in a new report released on Friday.

This could endanger 4 million people including 1 million refugees who could then lose access to drinking water and thus see their lives threatened by certain epidemics.

The reason for this is the cost of maintaining the current network, but also the electricity shortages that disrupt water distribution. In 4 to 6 weeks, the pumping stations could see their operation be interrupted.

This information comes after a first report from UNICEF which estimated that 70% of the population no longer had sufficient means to buy food. 30% of children also sleep hungry, estimated the international organization, while the Lebanese pound has lost 92% of its value against the dollar.

Thus, the mimimim salary would be equivalent today to 30 USD against 450 USD, 2 years earlier. The median salary would be less than $ 100 today compared to $ 1,500 still in 2019.

Numerous shortages of essential products such as medicines and fuels are currently affecting the land of cedars. In question, the inability of the Bank of Lebanon to finance via the lines of credit, the purchases of these essential products. In particular, the fuel oil necessary for the operation of electricity production plants is lacking. Bakeries also believe they are unable to continue producing bread without the precious liquid, while hospitals warn against stopping care for certain people, due to the lack of fuel oil necessary for the operation of the generators currently in use or even lack of medication.

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