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The central inspectorate has published a new report on its public administration surveillance program on the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day.

Only 77 institutions and ministries have so far answered some of the questions asked by the central inspectorate on the IMPACT platform on the 92 public institutions concerned, specifies the central inspectorate.

According to the data collected,

  • among 47 administrations and public institutions that responded, 55% of them do not have a strategic plan.
  • Only 23% of them have prepared and approved a strategic plan.
  • 65% of the 51 departments implement the internal control system, against 35% of them declaring the absence of an internal control system.
  • 35% of public buildings affiliated with public departments and institutions have a complaints reception system, 17% of existing systems are activated, 73% of complaints have been processed out of the 1,640 complaints filed since the start of 2020 .
  • 53% of departments adhere to the accounting of their materials, against 47% who do not have any materials accounting,
  • Internet is available in 70% in government buildings,
  • and 71% of ministries and public institutions are assigned to their employees to review requests for information.

The report of the Central Inspection


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