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Lebanese cinemas and theaters will be allowed to reopen their doors after more than 14 months of closure due to the COVID19 coronavirus epidemic, the committee in charge of the fight against the pandemic has decided. This reopening also concerns conferences which were until then mainly held virtually or even weddings or exhibitions up to 100 people present, however, or up to 50% of their capacities.

Restaurants will also be able to reopen their rooms until 11 a.m. at 50% of their maximum capacity, subject to reservation.

This decision comes two weeks after the one granted to restaurants, which can now open their outdoor terraces until half past midnight instead of 9 p.m.

Another relief, passengers from Brazil will now be able to come to Lebanon subject to a PCR test of less than 96 hours on departure, a second test on arrival and a 5-day quarantine. in a hotel accredited by the Ministry of Health. At the end of this new quarantine, they will have to undergo a 3rd PCR test.

In total, 537,437 have been infected since February 21, 2020, the date of the discovery of a first case in Lebanon.

The total number of people affected by the virus reaches 524,907 local cases and 5,310 cases from abroad.

The total number of people who have died is 7,658 since the onset of the disease in Lebanon on February 21, 2020.

491 people are currently hospitalized and 265 people were in critical condition and 99 people placed on ventilators.

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