Minister of Health Dr. Firas Abiad is trying to reassure the Lebanese in the face of the new variant of covid19 called Omicron which worries many countries such as Europe where a new outbreak of cases seems to be confirmed day after day.

The Minister notes that there are no direct flights from South Africa or neighboring countries and that very few passengers arrive from these destinations. It also indicates that all passengers bound for Cedar Country are currently undergoing tests upon entering the territory.

However, discussions within the pandemic committee will take place on Monday regarding a possible ban on travel to Lebanon from that country while the Lebanese authorities are in contact with the Regional Office of the World Organization of health for the Eastern Mediterranean to understand and decide on measures to deal with this new variant.

As a reminder, this has already appeared in some countries including Israel which has decided to ban the arrivals of foreign and Australian nationals or even Saudi Arabia which has decided to close its borders with Malawi, Zambia, Madagascar, l ‘Angola, Seychelles, Mauritius and the Comoros. Tel Aviv is even considering using communications tracking technology from the Shin Bet, the military intelligence service, to track people who may be carriers of the variant.

Cases have also been detected in Qatar, the United States, Great Britain and Kuwait, countries with many residents expected in Lebanon with the end of the year celebrations.

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