The owners of the district generators have started rationing deemed necessary due to fuel shortages in certain Lebanese regions.

Some generator owners have also reportedly raised tariffs, an illegal measure, some consumers say. These increases occur because of the shortage of fuel oil which has led some of them to resort to buying on the black market.

This information comes as the president of the generator owners union called on the EDL to provide at least 6 to 8 hours of electricity per day and that the fuel oil necessary for the operation of these generators can reach them at the price of the subsidized tariff. .

In addition, the Minister of Finance Ghazi Wazni, the outgoing Prime Minister Hassan Diab and the Presidency of the Republic indicated that they had signed a decree granting Electricité du Liban a new advance to allow the unloading of tankers already off the coast of Lebanese coasts.

If this new loan materializes and the Banque du Liban can grant the necessary lines of credit, the threat of an electric current shortage could therefore recede for a time while the previous one is advancing, however decided following a vote in parliament, was suspended following an appeal by parliamentarians of the Lebanese Forces to the Constitutional Council.

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