The officials announced a strike movement from this Wednesday July 28 until Friday August 6 to denounce the deterioration of the current social and economic conditions and in particular the decrease in purchasing power.

According to the press release published this Sunday, they denounce the fact of not being able to go to the hospital, to obtain medicines, or even to be able to eat, stressing that the government or even less the parliament “did not feel that something had changed , that the public administration was exhausted “.

They thus consider that the current emoluments are not sufficient to ensure a minimum of decent living for their families, and consequently wish a reduction in the hours of the public service to 40% of working days, that is to say, up to two hours of the day. afternoons on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and eleven in the afternoon on Fridays.

They also want to obtain an increase in transport allowances, that is, a bonus granted to the consumption of fuel in their favor or a public transport plan for civil servants.

On the health side, they are in favor of the payment of sums owed by the state to the national social security fund.

Finally in terms of salaries, they demand a correction of salaries and allowances of the latter according to the price of the official platform for the moment, t

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