Several unions joined the call of the CGTL which called for a general strike on Wednesday to denounce the current deterioration of social and economic conditions in Lebanon, a country affected by a serious economic crisis and whose national currency has shrunk. degraded by more than 80% in one year. As a reminder, now, more than 75% of the population would live below the poverty line.

Various demonstrations are thus planned at the call of the unions, in particular in Saïda where a rally is planned at 10 am in front of the municipality.

This call is also relayed by the union of workers of the EDL or the National Social Security Fund and the water office who call on officials to gather in various symbolic places.

This information comes at a time when the Lebanese authorities are obliged to interrupt the assistance program for the purchase of basic necessities for lack of available funding. These purchases were until now financed by the monetary reserves of the Bank of Lebanon. The government is reportedly considering replacing it with a more targeted rationing program for families vulnerable to the crisis, which is now 80% of Lebanese households.

The crisis could even worsen with the upcoming end of this program because of the additional pressure induced on the Lebanese pound against the dollar, Lebanon being a net importing country.

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