The prices of the 20-liter can of SP 95 and SP 98 petrol have increased by 1700 LL and 1800 LL respectively, according to the new grid published by the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources.

From now on, it will cost 43,500 LL for 20 liters of SP 95 gasoline and 44,800 LL for 20 liters of SP98.

An increase of 1,700 LL also affects fuel oil, the price of which has now reached 31,700 LL for 20 liters.

Unlike in previous weeks, the price of gas is also upward by 1400 LL. The 10 kg bottle now reaches 26,600 LL

This increase was widely anticipated by observers who note that the Banque du Liban is less and less able to ensure the financing of the subsidy program for the purchase of basic products including fuels. A cancellation of this program in the next few days is more and more likely, while importers of food products or drugs note that the BdL no longer ensures the purchase of certain products.

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