Large queues take place in front of each gas station still open in the capital Beirut and in the bordering regions, despite the words which wanted to be reassuring yesterday of the representative of the union of pump attendants Georges Brax of the imminent arrival on the market of a large amount of fuels.

Fights even took place in front of the gas pumps, report some witnesses because of disagreement on the quantity given to each motorist, sometimes for 30,000 LL, other times for 20,000 LL when the pumps are not closed.

Lebanese motorists fear that these gasoline shortages are more and more numerous. They also fear significant increases in fuel prices in the coming days when the subsidy program for the purchase of basic necessities should end for lack of foreign currency available from the Bank of Lebanon despite the comments. also reassuring from the outgoing Prime Minister Hassan Diab who denied any stop with the implementation of ration cards.

For their part, the fuel importing companies indicated that they were facing financial difficulties in obtaining the necessary credits from the Banque du Liban. They thus accuse the central bank of not releasing quickly enough the sums prior to the unloading of tankers yet present off the Lebanese coast.

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