Fuel prices have been revised upwards once again, with an increase of 1,600 LL in the price of the 20-liter can of SP95 which now stands at 313,000 LL, from 1,800 LL that of SP98 which is now at 323 000 LL.

The price of fuel oil saw a sharp increase of 13,300 LL. Thus it will now cost 334,300 LL for the 20 liters of the precious liquid.

As for the gas cylinder, its price has also soared (+ 10,800 LL) and now stands at 287,300 LL.

If international prices are revised downwards, several local factors induce this increase in Lebanese pound. Thus, the deterioration of the parity of the Lebanese pound against the dollar or the fact that importing companies must now finance 10% of the sums necessary for their purchases on the black market following a decision by the Bank of Lebanon, induce a domino effect. in this market. In addition, even the exchange rate of the Sayrafa electronic platform of the BdL sees the parity of the Lebanese pound against the dollar deteriorate, with yesterday a posted rate of 20,000 LL to the dollar.

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