Motorists still see a major shortage of gasoline while real fights are now taking place between ulcerated customers, people trying to bypass the queue or even pump attendants themselves. Fights had previously taken place in supermarkets where prices have almost increased by a minimum of 10, including for products normally enjoying subsidies. On the medical sector, many pharmacies have lowered their curtains for lack of available drugs while hospitals have indicated that they are no longer able to provide care to people requiring dialysis this week, due to a lack of single-use medical supplies.

So videos are circulating on social networks showing such scenes which have become almost daily while the union of fuel distributors nevertheless promised yesterday a significant delivery of gasoline, to the tune of 12 million liters.

This information also comes at a time when concerns are still being felt about the supply of basic necessities including fuel, but also flour and even edible milk.

Thus, much of the population was stunned to learn yesterday of the destruction of a large batch of infant milk – a subsidized commodity – whose dates have expired in the warehouses of an exclusive agent who was awaiting the end of the subsidy program of the Banque du Liban to resell them on the local market with significant margins.

As for the Ministry of Health, its inspectors seized several tons of goods and drugs also stored in warehouses of importers, accusing the latter of wanting to enjoy significant margins.

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