The price of fuels is rising sharply on Tuesday, January 4, 2022, indicates the first price list published by the general directorate of petroleum.

The price of the 20 liter container of SP95 is now displayed at 351,400 LL (+15,600 LL) as is the price of the container of SP98 revised to 363,400 LL.

The price of fuel oil has risen sharply and now stands at 360,400 LL (+24,200 LL), like that of the 10 kilo gas cylinder which is now 319,300 LL (+20,700 LL).

This rise was induced by the fall of the Lebanese pound on the black market, the local currency having touched its all-time low against the greenback. Also, the rise in fuel prices on world markets has potentiated this upward phenomenon.

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