Return to the archives of Albert Kahn with the reception on November 22, 1920 at the Palais des Pins of Lebanese delegations by General Gouraud who had just settled in Lebanon after having proclaimed, on September 1, 1920, the state of Greater Lebanon.

We thus discover a Lebanon very different from the current one, on a very symbolic date, just a few days after the proclamation of the state of Greater Lebanon from this same porch. 23 years after these clichés, Lebanon will become independent , but that is another story.

The somewhat visible blur effect is simply due to the slow speed used by cameras at the time. These people must have posed for a few seconds without moving.

Lebanon then left in 1920 bruised by the First World War but the population hoped to see a state settle.

The proclamation of the state of Greater Lebanon thus made it possible to set up the very structure of what would become the Land of the Cedars, with the election of a president, ministers, representatives of the people and later a constitution and for to emphasize even more the character of sovereignty, a national currency.

As a reminder, this year, Lebanon celebrated the 100th anniversary of the creation of the state of Greater Lebanon , this September 1, 2020, despite the difficult circumstances through which it has since passed.

Best of all, a video has also been made public.

A Lebanese delegation at the Palais des Pins in Beirut, November 22, 1920.

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