The Jordan Valley. Photo Source: Wikipedia
The Jordan Valley. Photo Source: Wikipedia

King Abdullah of Jordan reportedly proposed an exchange of water against electricity, to the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Nabih Berri, currently visiting the kingdom.

This interview, according to the National News Agency, would have taken place on the side of the 29th conference of the Union of parliamentarians of Arab countries. The two men would also have mentioned the presence of the Syrian refugees, stressing that a humanitarian solution should be found as soon as possible.

Stating that the Kingdom of Jordan has an excess of power generation capacity, King Abdallah indicated that he was in favour of an exchange with Lebanon. Lebanon could provide the kingdom with water.

The presence of Syrian refugees on Jordanian soil has strongly impacted the country’s water resources. Water demand increased by 21% in the country as a whole and by 40% in the northern governorates of Irbid and Mafraq. The water supply is thus rationed. Water is now delivered only once every 15 days

This proposition intervenes while the tension between Israel and Jordan came up a notch in November 2018 about agricultural territories leased by the Hebrew state to Jordan. Jordan had thus announced that it would not renew the agreement to lease two parcels of land on the Israeli border. It was leased since the peace Agreements of 1994.

The Jordanian water Authority had also indicated in March 2018 that Syria is not complying with the 1987 agreement on the sharing of the waters of the Yarmouk River.

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