“Shia clerics receive a much more rigorous education than Sunni clerics. They have a solid training in theological sciences. They learn Aristotelian logic before the Koran…. Theology is much more alive in the Shiite community.… The Shiites are more theological, the Sunnis are legalists. And the Shiites have their “story of passion” with Hussein and Ali. It is an invitation to reflect on the need for justice, ”argues a Palestinian Sunni academic, Sheikh Tarif Al Khalidi (Palestinian Sunni academic).

Hezbollah: The Glory of Lebanon – Majdou Loubnane
Croquemitaine or ultimate retaining dyke facing the great Arab shipwreck?

One downside, however: Despite the mediocrity of a large fraction of its elites, Lebanon can boast of having propelled “standing men”, solid as rocks, like Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, head of Lebanese Hezbollah, and Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, the oldest political prisoner in Europe.

Lebanon thus remains the only country in the world to have abrogated an international treaty (the peace treaty with Israel in 1983) under popular pressure; the only one to have obtained the Israeli military withdrawal without negotiations or peace treaty, gleaning in passing the envied title of “Vietnam of Israel” for the traumatic function of its capital, Beirut.

Hezbollah inspires fear in Israel and has rid Lebanon of the air canker represented by massive Israeli air force raids on southern Lebanon. Many in Lebanon, not only Shiites, are grateful to him for this feat, for having freed them from hell as well as constituting a deterrent force in order to preserve Lebanon’s offshore oil fields from Israeli nibbling.

Since then, Hezbollah has held its own against Israel. Not only Israel, but also the Multinational Western Force, in particular the United States and France, freed from Lebanon in the wake of two particularly deadly attacks, causing a total of more than 300 dead, in the 1980s, which explains the relentlessness of America in its policy of strangling Hezbollah.

Invincible to date, architect of two Israeli military withdrawals from Lebanon without negotiation or peace treaty, firm support of Hamas in the face of Israeli offensives, in addition, the last to intervene on the Syrian battlefield after the squads of jihadists from Chechnya to Tunisia via Belgium, Kosovo and France, as well as the Moudjahidins Khalq, formation of the Iranian Islamo-Marxist opposition, Hezbollah remains, no offense to the sorrowful spirits, the major politico-military phenomenon of history contemporary Arabic.

The ultimate checkpoint in the face of the great Arab shipwreck, which explains the relentlessness of the United States to want to starve the Lebanese people to incite them to rise up against the Shiite formation and to block any opening of Lebanon to the East, – an “apertura a sinistra” -, in the direction of China and Russia, with a view to freeing itself from the Western hold on national political life, the ultimate objective of which is to break this country’s will to resist with a view to finlandising it for the benefit of Israel …………

And to force Lebanon to integrate the Palestinian refugees into the Lebanese population, in order to provoke a demographic upheaval in favor of the Sunnis. Short-sighted policy.

The main Lebanese politico-military formation, once qualified by the French Socialist Prime Minister Lionel Jospin as a “terrorist” and whose dismantling is demanded by the United States, Hezbollah has a parliamentary representation that is beyond comparison with the numerical importance of the United States. Shiite community, without commensurate with its contribution to the liberation of the national territory, without commensurate with its regional prestige, without commensurate with the popular adhesion which it enjoys without seeking to take advantage of it.

Both at the level of digital democracy and patriotic democracy, the place occupied by Hezbollah in the national consciousness is a place of choice. In the Byzantine quarrels of which the Lebanese are so fond, it was salutary that this obvious truth be recalled so that no one thinks of usurping the place which is not his.

Better, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah, is the first Arab leader to have the capacity to influence the Israeli public through his speeches, since Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

This thesis was defended by Colonel Rounin, in front of the University of Haifa, based on an analysis of the content of the speeches of Hassan Nasrallah during the Second Lebanon War (2006), reports the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz”. The Israeli officer describes Nasrallah as “the first leader to have developed a capacity to influence Israeli public opinion, since Abdel Nasser” in the 1960s.
But, paradoxically, Illustration of the Arab mental defragmentation and the vassalization of the Arab world to the Israeli-American imperium, the Arab League, at the instigation of the petromonarchies of the Gulf, has decided to include the Lebanese Hezbollah on the list of terrorist organizations, made unprecedented in Arab diplomatic annals.

The criminalization of the Shiite political-military formation came on the tenth anniversary of its glorious feat of arms against Israel in the Israeli war of destruction on Lebanon in July 2006. More reptile than that you die.

On Hezbollah, these two links:

Addressed to the Maronite Patriarch Béchara Ar Rahi (81 years old): Disloyalty, the hallmark of Maronite leadership.

Herald of the neutrality of Lebanon, the Maronite patriarch wants to be the arbiter of elegant Lebanese turpitudes, but the head of a community whose political leaders were the privileged allies of Israel in the Lebanese civil war, it is important for him to religiously keep in his memory this truth there:

Lebanon was a country tailor-made by France for the benefit of the Maronites, but this community had already betrayed the founding National Pact by signing a pact with the Jewish Agency long before the independence of Lebanon and the unilateral proclamation of the independence of Israel, in 1948, scuttling initially the inter-community coexistence envisaged at the base of the creation of Lebanon (1). Disloyalty, if not treason, was already the hallmark of Maronite leadership.

In fact, contrary to a well-kept legend, “Lebanon is indebted for its independence to the United Kingdom, whose incentive role, led the Lebanese to engage in a struggle for the independence of their country from the French mandate, in 1943. , after the surrender of France to Germany and its collaboration with Hitler Nazism.

Thirteen years after independence, Camille Chamoun, a notorious Anglophile, like the Iraqi Prime Minister of the monarchical era, Noury Said, will refuse to sever Lebanon’s diplomatic relations with France and Great Britain, as a sign of solidarity with Egypt, victim of a tripartite aggression following the nationalization of the Suez Canal (1956), an aggression led by the two former colonial powers in the area (France and Great Britain) and their creature Israel, an indisputable sign of blind alignment with Atlanticist objectives.

Under his mandate, the Maronite leadership was never formalized by Iran’s hold over the Shiite community, personified by the accreditation of Kazem Al Khalil’s own son, – Shiite noteability of Tire and Camille Chamoun’s deputy in the within the National Liberal Party -, as Ambassador of Lebanon to the Shah of Iran and his role in the supply of Iranian arms to the Christian militias… .. Just as he does not take notice, nowadays, of the tetany of the leadership Sunni in front of Saudi Arabia, which had the presumption all the same to kidnap a Prime Minister of Lebanon …… With all impunity and without the slightest protest from the Maronite patriarchate, and the encouragement of Samir Geagea, a man supposed to be ticklish on Lebanese sovereignty.
Recidivists, the Maronite military leaders of the coalition of Lebanese Forces made a pact once again with Israel, in the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990), a connivance which culminated with the election of the Phalangist leader Bachir Gemayel as president of the Lebanese Republic in the shadow of Israeli tanks.

His assassination, a cruel fate for his supporters, came on the eve of his assumption of office and the subsequent massacre of the Palestinian camps of Sabra-Chatila, in the south-eastern suburbs of Beirut, in the summer of 1982.

The Lebanese Maronite congregations, for their part, assumed a considerable destructive and subversive role on the political and military level during the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990), through their support for the Christian militias who collaborated with Israel and Father Charbel Kassis. , superior of the Lebanese Order of Monks, aimed at the partition of Lebanon.

An affirmation recorded in the memories of Mr. Élie Ferzli, vice-president of the National Assembly and a leading witness of Lebanese political life, of which the Lebanese newspaper “AL Akhbar” entrusted the review to the Lebanese political scientist Assad Abou Khalil, available on this link

This connivance continued with the pastoral visit of Patriarch Béchara Al Rahi to the Maronite communities located in the Upper Galilee, in May 2014; a form of underhand normalization by theology, confirming the permanent tropism of the Maronites towards Israel.

And now, while advocating the neutrality of Lebanon, the Maronite patriarchate sponsored the publication of a book celebrating the friendship between Saudi Arabia and the Maronites. Curious alliance with Israel and Saudi Arabia, two of the most theocratic countries in the Middle East, which also aim to keep Lebanon hostage to their strategy.

In fact the underlying objective of the patriarchy is to delegitimize the alliance of Hezbollah with the Christian military leaders, materialized by the guarantee granted to it by the two presidents of the Republic Émile Lahoud and Michel Aoun in order to reduce the political formation. Shiite military with its sectarian communitarian dimension.

The suicide squad of the Lebanese Christian militias.

Often innocent victims, executioners sometimes more than necessary, the Palestinian camps of the quarantine (east of Beirut), in 1976, and of Sabra Chatila (south of Beirut), in 1982, will go down in history as bloody pathological illustrations of human unreason, to the liabilities of the Maronite leadership, particularly the Christian militias of the Lebanese Forces.
Their alliance with Israel, the official enemy of the Arab world, will be one of the black spots in the history of Arab Christianity.

And the leaders of this suicidal outfit, Bachir Gemayel, ephemeral president of Lebanon, and his successors, Elie Hobeika and Samir Geagea, like the most sinister characters in the history of Lebanon in terms of record for Christendom, in that they substituted the struggle for the realization of the national rights of the Palestinians, by the search for the eradication of a people already despoiled of its homeland, the Palestinians, in compensation for Western turpitudes towards European Jews.
The Christian militiamen have internalized, in doing so, the perversity of Western logic in a tragic deviation of thought, not imagining for a single moment that “the people of too many in the Middle East”, to use the expression of the Phalangist leader Bashir Gémayel, could one day be “the Arab Christian people”.

The American pantalonnade.

With their body defending, all shame drunk, the United States, three weeks after their debacle in Afghanistan, carried out a breathtaking backpedal in Lebanon on September 4, 2021, forced to violate their own embargo that they decreed against Syria. and Lebanon by giving the green light to the Lebanese government to deliver Egyptian gas and electricity from Jordan via Syria.

This hasty decision was aimed at thwarting Hezbollah’s plan to supply Lebanon with Iranian fuel. She ridiculed the United States Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothea Shia, who saw herself as a real proconsul of her country in Beirut in order to strangulate Lebanon to force its population to rise up against the Shiite political and military formation and to scuttle the end of the mandate of President Michel Aoun in retaliation for his alliance with Hezbollah. The American about-face correlatively unmasked the servility of the Sunni and Maronite leadership towards the American Ukazes.

Iranian fuel oil in Lebanon via Syria and the correlative American pantalonnade has symbolically signed the territorial continuity of Syria and Lebanon at the same time as their economic complementarity, propelling Iran to the rank of a major player on the scene. Lebanese, confining Saudi Arabia to the role of nuisance.

In view of this pitiful diplomatic performance, the American splendor is not what it used to be.

General Émile Lahoud, the precursor.

Contrary to their fellow militiamen, two Maronite military leaders will stand out from this batch of woodlice: Emile Lahoud and Michel Aoun.

Main obstacle to the economic control of the Lebanese Saudi billionaire on Lebanon, one of the rare leading Lebanese public figures not to have succumbed to the material seductions of Mr. Hariri, Émile Lahoud, founder of the new Lebanese army will forge a new doctrine strategic favoring the response to Israel, breaking, in doing so, with the ambient defeatism of the post-independence era which reduced the army to a parasitic role.

The dismantling of a network of Israeli agents within the Lebanese military hierarchy will justify this drastic change. Housed, fed, laundered, educated, for 40 years, at the expense of a Lebanese taxpayer bled dry by a corrosive civil war, this quarteron of officers of an army long guarding Israel’s border and super gendarme of social repression Lebanese, will reveal the moral crack of a fringe of the Lebanese elite, at the same time as their ingratitude towards their country. Their servility towards Israel, the most ruthless of Lebanon’s enemies, will mark with the seal of infamy this posture of absolute national indignity. She will give General Lahoud reason a posteriori against his detractors.

A true moral winner of the war in Lebanon through his transcontinental management of his strategic relationship with Hezbollah, the spearhead of Israel’s withdrawal from southern Lebanon, President Lahoud propelled his country to the function of regional diplomatic cursor, and into the history of the Israeli-Arab conflict, the Lebanese standard in the rank of value of example, so much this exploit has had in the Arab collective memory a psychological impact of a comparable importance to the destruction of the Bar Lev line, during the crossing of the Canal de Suez, during the war of October 1973.
In view of this state of service, he will be the subject of a media offensive in Western countries with a view to discrediting him.

Ostracized for two years, he will leave his post at the end of his mandate, not without having previously provided diplomatic cover to Lebanese Hezbollah during the war for the Israeli destruction of Lebanon in July 2006, foreshadowing the alliance between the Shiite formation and General Michel Aoun, the head of the main Christian formation.
The blacklisting of President Lahoud was not an isolated case. That of President Michel Aoun, more subtle, has paralyzed Lebanon for nearly two years. The obstruction led by the club of Sunni prime ministers, all subservient to Saudi Arabia, aims to hamper the end of President Aoun’s term.

The “disconcerting alliance” between Hezbollah and General Michel Aoun

The “disconcerting alliance” between General Michel Aoun and Hezbollah, to use the expression of Western analysts, strategically shattered the Islamic-Christian sectarian divide in the Lebanese equation, in the same way that the Syria-Iran alliance broke. the Persian Arab ethnic divide of the regional rivalry between the two leaders of Islam, Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran.

Internally in Lebanon, it formed the alliance of reverse to the “disconcerting alliance” between the Lebanese Sunnis and the former Maronite leaders of the Christian militias, including the requiem office celebrated in memory of Rafic Hariri at the Church. Maronite of Paris, in the week which followed the assassination of the Lebanese Saudi billionaire, sealed in the symbolic order the double rallying of the Hariri clan to “political Maronitism”, alongside that of the pro-American fringe of the Maronites to the Islam Wahhabite, signing by the same the withdrawal of the Sunnis from the nationalist fight, in favor of the Shiites, and the relegation of the Maronites to the role of support of the Saudi strategy.

The case of General Aoun is not unique: his predecessor, President Émile Lahoud, as well as eminent civilian figures, the Christian leader of northern Lebanon, Souleimane Frangieh, the renowned economist Georges Corm, the historian Gérard Khoury, a whole cohort of technocrats revolted by the clan feudalism of Christian “warlords” have taken the same path so much out of the weariness of the adventurism of the Christian militias who have long restrained the army to seize the booty of the war, only for the catastrophic results that this adventurism produced on the status of Eastern Christians, and finally by the observation that they made of their Western alignment.

An unequivocal observation, drawn from the lessons of recent history: All the great exoduses of Eastern Christians will have been consecutive to Western operations. It was the creation of Israel which produced a strong exodus of Palestinian Christians (to California and Latin America). Just like the inter-Lebanese civil war (derivative war against American failure in Vietnam) which caused a strong exodus of Lebanese Christians to Canada, Australia, France and the two Americas, as well as the American invasion from Iraq which caused a strong exodus of Iraqi Christians (Assyro Chaldeans).

In view of this assessment, the conclusion is clear that the Arab Christians have always been the great sacrifices for the benefit of the Israeli-American strategy.

That it was now important that the fate of Arab Christians be sealed in their anchoring with their Arab environment, as it is true that Arab Christians do not have a vocation to become a diaspora complementary to the diasporas in Western countries, as a vestige of a lost civilization.
President Émile Lahoud and General Michel Aoun, the diplomatic “security gates” to Hezbollah during the Israeli war against Lebanon, will thus compensate for the ultra-Western allegiance of the other protagonists, preventing an inter-confessional drift in the summer conflict. 2006.

The support of the successive commanders-in-chief of the Lebanese army – General Émile Lahoud, General Michel Aoun, for the Lebanese National Resistance agglomerated around its hard core, the Shiite Hezbollah, reflects, as a consequence, the concern for the military hierarchy Christian to curb the death impulses of the “hotheads” of the militia order, so prejudicial to the Christian camp. The commitment of these two Christian military leaders in their role of protective umbrella of the Shiite fighters at war against Israel thus washed away the taint inflicted on the Lebanese by Samir Geagea and his acolytes of the Christian militias due to their collusion with the Hebrew state. .

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, the glorious, versus Amer Fakhoury, the hideous.

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah and Amer Fakhoury represent the two sides of Lebanon. The first, a pro Palestinian communist militant, embodies his glorious aspect, the national pride of Lebanon; the second, the auxiliary of the Israelis, its hideous aspect, the lees of Lebanon, its septic tank.

Both are Maronites. Striking proof that religious affiliation does not predetermine servility, but intellectual predisposition commands a posture of rectitude or crawling, depending on the choice of the vertebrate or the deep inclination of the reptile. The resulting conclusion is that Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is an authentic Arab. Amer Fakhoury, a stooge.

Dean of political prisoners around the world, like Moumia Abou Jamal, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, whose guilt is open to question, is arbitrarily detained in the “Homeland of Human Rights.” The former torturer of the Khiyam penitentiary center, built by the Lebanese agents of Israel in southern Lebanon to torture their compatriots, was forcibly released from Lebanon by the “Great American Democracy”.

A mythical figure in the Arab national liberation struggle, Georges inherited a double sentence: his detention beyond the normal period of his imprisonment. The executor of Israeli villains of dual nationality, Israeli and American. It is well known that the torturers are always the others. Never the West.

In the name of the defense of the “Free World”, five countries of the Middle East have been subjected to a unilateral Western blockade: Iran for 40 years; Syria for 11 years, Yemen for 7 years and Lebanon for 3 years without NATO having succeeded in forcing the decision in its favor, while the Israeli sky has become a sieve due to homemade ballistics of Palestinian Hamas, as well as the Saudi sky, a sieve due to the rudimentary ballistics of the Houthis and that the Lebanese Hezbollah completely ridiculed American diplomacy forcing it to a memorable pantalonade by breaking the Lebanese blockade by importing fuel Iranian.

Unless they want to provoke the final exodus of Arab Christians, the Lebanese Christian leadership, in particular Maronite, would be wise to live not as the advanced point of the West in Arab land, but rather as exercising its power symbolically by delegation of others. Christian communities in the Arab world, and to take the measure of the fact that his options have repercussions in one way or another on his co-religionists.

To go further on this topic, see this link

Unless Christianity is considered as belonging to the exclusive heritage of the West, the primary vocation of Arab Christians is to be fully involved in the Arab national struggle for the restoration of the dignity and national sovereignty of the Arab space, and not as the spearhead of the fight for their submission to the American order, a function traditionally devolved to Israel of which they would again be the discredited auxiliaries.

The democratization of Arab life will be the work of the Arabs or it will not be. In no case should it be done in the shade of American bayonets. In any case certainly not with the Arab Christians in the role of foremen.

In conclusion, the admirable tribute to the resistance of Hezbollah, in 2006, in southern Lebanon by the great lady Julia Boutros “Ahibba’î”, Mes Biens Aîmés.https: //www.youtube.com/embed/zWcRdOvH7ng ? feature = oembed

As an addendum, this admirable text by a Maronite Sarkis Douaihy about the Shiites entitled “The Shiites in Lebanon are the worst curses.” Let them go ”, which sums up the existential dilemma of the Arab world. https://reseauinternational.net/les-chiites-au-liban-sont-la-pire-des-maledictions-quils-partent/


1- On the relations between Israel and the Maronites, Cf in particular – “Victims, Revisited History of the Arabo Zionist conflict – Benny Morris – (Complex Edition), chapter I page 539 and following /

With in addition the English version of the Text of the secret pact between the Maronite Church and the Jewish Agency

Treaty between the Jewish Agency for Palestine and the Maronite Church. What are the implications of the creation of a minority Jewish stateon identity politics in Lebanon? – May 30th 1946

“We, the undersigned:

1. His Beatitude Antoine Arida, the Maronite Patriarch of Lebanon, acting on behalf of the Church and the Maronite community, the largest community in the Lebanese Republic with citizens residing in other countries, represented by…, ex-minister by virtue of authorization addressed to the President of the Jewish Agency, Professor Weizmann on May 24th 1946, which hereinafter shall be in this treaty addressed as “first party”.

2. Dr. Bernard Joseph, acting on behalf of the Jewish Agency for Palestine which is known in International Law as the representative of Jewish people around the world aimed at creating the Jewish National Home in Palestine, which hereinafter shall be in this treaty addressed as “first party” .

ART. 1: The first party expressly and fully recognizes the historical link uniting the Jewish people to Palestine, the Jewish people’s aspirations in Palestine, and the Jewish people right to a free immigration and independence in Palestine. It also declares its approval on the Jewish agency’s declared current political program including the establishment of a Jewish state.

ART. 2: The second party expressly and fully recognizes the independence of Lebanon and the right of its inhabitants to choose the regime they deem as appropriate. The second party also declares that its extending and widening program does not include Lebanon. On the contrary, it respects the state of Lebanon in its current form and borders. The Jewish immigration does not include Lebanon

ART. 3: The two parties commit themselves reciprocally to abstain from undermining their respective aspirations and status; the so-called commitment has a binding obligation restraining the representatives of both parties – officials and non officials – in the country, abroad, in international conferences whether occidental or oriental, from expressing any kind of support to decisions or actions that may harm the other party. Also do their utmost to avoid taking such decisions or undertaking such actions.

ART. 4: The two parties commit themselves to provide mutual help at the following levels: political, commercial, security and social in order to promote the position of the first party and realize the aspirations of the second one. This engagement includes:

a) Raise the awareness of public opinion in the Orient and the Occident on the cause of each party, according to the spirit of the treaty hereby.

b) Concert their efforts to open the doors of each country with view to deepen cultural and social rights and promote commercial trades and the exchange of liaison officers to forge good neighboring relationships between one another.

C) The first party recognizes the right of every Jewish to immigrate to Palestine commits itself to help as much as possible in the realization of this immigration in the event that it shall pass through Lebanon.

d) The second party commits itself, after the creation of the Jewish state, to respect the sacred character of the holy sites in Palestine and commits itself as well after retaining the command of power to consider the treaty hereby as an integral part of the government program.

e) The two parties commit themselves to provide help, if requested, to one another in order to maintain security in their respective countries. This engagement has the binding obligation to take all necessary measures to block the entrance or exit of hostile elements capable of sowing public disorder and the obligation to refrain from providing any kind of help for such elements.

f) The two parties commit themselves to exchange information on all issues such as the politics of their countries, their economy, security, and relations with third parties.

g) At the industry, agriculture and scientific research levels, the two parties commit themselves to exchange information and advice in order to synchronize the Lebanese and Jewish efforts with a view to ensure the best development of their respective industries (including the tourism sector), agriculture and research on the basis of mutual cooperation.

h) After creating the Jewish state, the second party commits itself to reserve a friendly treatment to the representatives of the Maronite Patriarch, to facilitate the buying of a land and the construction of a Patriarchate worthy of the Maronite community.

i) The second party commits itself to require from its offices all over the world to support the cause of the first party and back its representatives in Washington, London, and Paris and in international conferences.

ART. 5: In order to achieve the afore-mentioned obligations, and additional practical means of collaboration and mutual aid, the two parties will hold direct or indirect (through representatives) talks depending on the relevant advancement and circumstances.

ART. 6: The treaty hereby takes effect upon signature. Each party has the right to terminate it within six months notice.
In witness whereof the two parties have signed this treaty. ”
Double original copy, Jerusalem, May 30th 1946.
Source: Central Zionist Archives 525/3269


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