Former deputy Walid Joumblatt
Former deputy Walid Joumblatt

Former deputy Walid Joumblatt estimated that Lebanon will only receive a billion and a half from the International Monetary Fund in the columns of the daily An Nahar.

Walid Joumblatt also reiterated his call for the rapid formation of a mission government composed of specialists and in accordance with the French initiative, one of the main missions of which will be to unify the vision of the Central Bank’s losses and to negotiate with the IMF and the World Bank. He estimated, however, that the land of the cedars will only receive a billion and a half, perhaps referring to the fact that some would like to underestimate the losses of the financial sector to avoid the forensic audit of the accounts of the financial sector.

As a reminder, Lebanon previously requested $ 10 billion in May 2020 to which is added the $ 11 billion provided for in the framework of the Cedar conference. Observers estimate that the Lebanese economic stimulus plan should reach today at least 50 billion dollars while the losses of the financial sector could exceed 100 billion dollars as pointed out by the rating agency S&P in its latest report concerning Lebanon.

In addition, Walid Joumblatt rejected any resignation of parliamentarians from the PSP, believing that the organization of early legislative elections would not benefit his party. He also said he was surprised by the words of certain parliamentarians of the Current of the Future or of the Free Patriotic Current calling for the organization of such elections.

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