Speaking at a conference at the Grand Seraglio, Prime Minister Najib Mikati said to take his time “before summoning the Council of Ministers to a meeting, hoping that all parties are convinced of the need to remove this council from any affair that does not concern him “, thus alluding to the various current crises that his team is going through, between boycotting Shiite ministers following the indictment of senior politicians in the Beirut port affair or the Georges Cordahi affair whose Saudi Arabia is asking for resignation. He thus underlined the independence of the judiciary vis-à-vis the political sphere.

The Prime Minister was speaking at a conference on the platform aimed at helping the most vulnerable people in the face of the current crisis.

Najib Mikati spoke of progress in negotiations with the International Monetary Fund – negotiations which have not yet been relaunched for the time being, or at the level of the crisis linked to the production of public electricity and various files that will be approved. as soon as a meeting of the Council of Ministers is possible.

We are meeting today in the difficult economic, financial and social conditions that our people are going through, which has resulted in a reality that can no longer be tackled except through emergency measures. We hope that these measures will not delay and that the economic movement will return to its normal cycle, so that Lebanon can recover from its stagnation, and that its sons, all its sons, find their prosperity, and their life in dignity.
What we are talking about today by launching the platform to support supply cards and the emergency social safety net project aims to alleviate the suffering of our people, including the most needy in Lebanon, with funding and support. support from the World Bank and the United Nations, and with the follow-up and perseverance of Parliament. The beneficiaries of the two projects will be selected according to transparent criteria to guarantee the basic necessities for a decent life.

Najib Mikati, December 1

The aid program for the most vulnerable should be put in place from the beginning of 2022, with retroactive effect from January 2022.

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