Speaking at the end of his meeting with the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun who has just appointed him prime minister designate, Najib Mikati said he “does not have a magic wand” in the face of the crisis that is going through currently Lebanon also considers that the task of raising the Land of the Cedars is difficult.

Success is cooperation between the different actors, underlines the new Prime Minister calling on anyone to present their solutions.

We are seeking to form a government according to the French initiative, and I have taken it upon myself not to speak, and the best speech is the one indicated
Najib Mikati after his appointment

Reacting to his new task, he believes that the solution can only come from cooperation between all Lebanese, indicating that he has external guarantees.

Najib Mikati should thus start from 11:30 tomorrow, consultations with the various political parties with a view to distributing the various ministerial portfolios.

In addition, significant political pressure is said to be underway from abroad so that a new government can be formed before August 4, the anniversary of the explosion of the Port of Beirut. Threats of economic sanctions from the European Union are even mentioned.

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