The price of fuel rose again this week. The price of a 20-liter gallon of SP95 is now 75,900 LL, an increase of 2,600 LL, as is the price of SP98, which increases by 2,700 LL to 78,100 LL. The price of fuel oil also rose by 1,700 LL to stand at 58,200 LL.

As for the 10-liter gas cylinder, its price has also been revised upwards to 53,700 LL (+ 2,200 LL).

This information comes as a new fuel shortage is currently affecting Lebanon while the role of the Bank of Lebanon is again called into question, with delays in granting the lines of credit necessary for the unloading of tankers present off the coast. from the land of cedars.

Thus, on the black market, the price of a tonne of fuel oil has risen sharply to reach 8 million Lebanese pounds.

As a reminder, the Banque du Liban’s subsidy program should soon end due to the lack of availability of available foreign currency reserves, which would be on the verge of being exhausted.

Yesterday, already, hospitals, bakeries or tourist establishments warned against the unavailability of fuel oil necessary for the operation of their generators which are requested 20 hours a day due to severe rationing of public electricity due to lack of fuel also. . Even the lives of patients would be in danger.

For now, the Lebanese authorities are already trying to prioritize the supply of bakeries. Thus, the outgoing Prime Minister Hassan Diab ordered the delivery of 500 tonnes of fuel to these establishments. In addition, General Abbas Ibrahim is expected to accompany Energy Minister Raymond Ghajar to Iraq to sign an agreement which should allow the delivery to Lebanon of one million tonnes of fuel oil in Lebanon.

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