Contrary to what MTV Lebanon said, no mistakes were made in the new pricing of fuel prices today, says the General Directorate of Petroleum. The body specifies that the price schedule made public today was indeed studied according to the decision of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers which had decided to increase the tariffs according to a parity rate of 3,900 LL / USD instead of the official parity rate of 1507 LL / USD.

The director of the Directorate General of Petroleum Aurore Feghali thus accused the owners of fuel distribution companies of being opposed to the calculation method used and which had allowed a tariff reduction which would take into account all the quantities as subsidized and no longer 90% as before and 10% based on black market prices. So if observers expected higher published prices, they remain below the fateful threshold of 70,000 LL for 20 liters.

The 20 liters of SP 95 will now cost 61,100 LL, up 15,900 LL, the 20 liters of SP98, 62,900 LL (+16,300 LL), the 20 liters of fuel oil 46,100 LL (+12,800) and the bottle of gas of 10 kilograms 37,600 LL (+9,200 LL).

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