Libnanews Dossier Orange House Mona Khalil (5 sur 11)
Mona Khalil's Orange House and Mansoura Beach in South Lebanon. Photo credit: Francois el Bacha for All rights reserved.

Update 9:47 p.m.: Internal security forces arrested the perpetrators of the rocket attacks

Lebanese security sources accused Palestinian factions of firing several rockets from the locality of Qalila in southern Lebanon into northern Israel.

They are said to have acted in retaliation for Israeli operations against the Gaza Strip.

The news comes on the 3rd day of major incidents in Israel that began with the threat that Arabs would be evicted from a neighborhood in East Jerusalem last week. They have since spread to the Gaza Strip and even to neighborhoods and towns where Arab Israelis and the Jewish community live.

Yesterday, even scenes of lynchings of Israeli Arabs following an incident with Israeli far-right sympathizers were broadcast by an Israeli public broadcaster.

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