At the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California – USA, during Oct., 2016, I’ve asked myself this question but didn’t think about it much until an interesting and funny instance happened. I marched enthusiastically into my class to teach a Physics course on Monday March 27, 2017. My students wanted to ask me an “important” question. I was so delighted because I thought it might be a profound Physics question as I’m in love with Physics ! U know that guys… ! To my surprise, it was: “Are PSO’s Ethical?

If this resembles something, it is that our new generation’s paradigm is kind of obsessed in that, getting culturally re-programmed from classic and social media, and almost finally shaped their paradigm that PSO’s are normal practices in our nowadays life.

A Statistical Perspective

Most Ladies and Gents Adopt PSO

As an Educational Academic Physicist, and after examining the representing sample, I have found that 90% of professors and educators (N=52) agreed that PSO’s are OK if done for a good reason like uplifting self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-reconciliation. Each of those 52 have expressed that they can remember at an average of 5 women and 2 men who have been subjected to PSO’s in their conservative and non-conservative circles.

Relatively few (N=8) rejected PSO’s in all its forms. I can also testify that almost 90% of the female students (N=115) I teach have answered by “YES” that they surely intend to make a plastic surgery, somewhere in their bodies, some time in their lives, just right after they get enough money. However, almost 60% of male students (N=56) tended to like the idea of PSO applied to their ladies with no major issue for their moms or Sister’s or first-degree cousins (Haddad, 2017).

It was also found that the highest rate of making plastic surgeries is not in a European country, nor in an American State but rather in the tiniest geographical Mid-Eastern Christian country of Cedars, Lebanon. 72% of Lebanese women make at minimum one of the PSO’s, like facial botox to protease to Silicon filling for breast or… etc (Tabeek, 2015).

A Socio-Psychological Impact: “Major Marriage Ladies Tools” are PSO’s in Lebanon

On the other hand, the latest researches like that in Annahar in 2016, (Fakhry, 2014) point out that for every Lebanese young man, there are 8 potential girls, in the age of marriage, ready to be wives. Christina Fakhry said: “MP Ghassan Moukheiber, 56, who announced his engagement in a tweet in 2014.” Because of this late guys’ desire to marry early, severe competition between ladies is arising to find potential husbands. According to my findings about ladies’ perspective, the physical and sexual attraction is becoming the intrinsic and decisive factor for attracting most guys. That’s a nice and justified reason for many girls to undergo PSO’s. Worth mentioning that those girls have a university degree but the question is about their life education. However, the issue is that “some bad guys” are using that just to manipulate with the girls’ feelings (Testimony, 2017). Then, exclusively enjoying the “lady’s looks” as an appetizer for a sexual act in all of that… This is affecting the guy’s perspective toward beauty in general as well.

A Scientific Academic Perspective: PSO Awareness Must Be Always Sought

Yesterday, I was communicating with a friend I have newly known and it seems that we have good “chemistry.” So, that special friend opened up this topic and we briefly discussed it if I’m with PSO’s or against or whether it might be right, from a Physicist perspective. The discussions’ conclusion is that PSO’s are accepted but under conditions, varying from financial ability to psychological preferability to spiritual perspective to personal issues (Interview, 2017).

Although PSO may beautify the body in many cases, but it surely destroys an entire generation, I believe.

One of the reasons is that PSO’s focus exclusively on the outer being of a human not on the core ethical and spiritual values inside that person. TV, Internet channels, some Turkish-Syrian-Lebanese series, and many American movies are badly affecting the paradigm of an ethical being.

A Medical Reason: Some Necessities Necessitate The Unnecessary

PSO market creates those “Necessities” to “Necessitate” them and convincingly enforce them to do what is actually not “Necessary.”

Medically speaking, some PSO’s are, indeed, necessary. PSO’s may help much in a girl’s looks, posture, body image, sex satisfaction, self-esteem, and self-confidence, still there are many perils like increasing the probability of motivating cancerous cells in the locations of the “fillings.” Cosmetics’ traders and “so-called doctors,” for instance, believe and propagandize it that we need to make PSO’s a need so that we can beautify a human ! (Kaddoura, 2016). Well, is that the right and healthier way to beautify a human !

On the other hand, 95% of those PSO “patients,” with 5% margin of error, are actually doing it for leisure, fun, change in looks, jealousy from other ladies, for competition with celebrities (The Plastic Surgery, 2016). And how it’s said in French: “A La Mode,” and the list infinitely goes on… Every reason exists except medical awareness for the well-being and safety, not only in morphine-based talks on TV from Plastic Surgery so-called doctors.

An Ethical Paradigm: What is the Standard !

Values define ethics; ethics define habits; habits define personality trends; trends define a character. We have excellent journalists in the media industry who have a strongly professional character. Still, what about some journalists or reporters or celebrities who got their job just because they look nicer due to injection of Silicon, Protease, and Chemicals in their faces and bodies nearly of the same amount or sometimes more than the masses of their own bodies !

In essence, real beauty is the beauty which the Lord grants in an educated mind, peaceful spirit, wise soul, and classy lifestyle. The beauty of being saved by the Sovereign Grace through repentance of sins, born-again by the Holy Spirit, and faith in Jesus Christ surpasses all beauties and necessities on our planet.
Some questions to think about:
1. Does the Silicon astounding “figures,” of similar shapes, attract us as men anymore !?
2. What is the root problematic of this societal obsessional PSO anomaly !?
3. What is the role of educators, leaders, Church, and ethics !?
4. Are those 72% of PSO female patients happier than the 30% of non-PSOs !


First, Living real is always costly and movies are so different than living a genuine reality.

Second, there is a major shift in the use of “Marriage Tools” amongst educated girls’ circles.

Third, the men’s standard about women’s beauty has drastically changed.

Fourth, PSO’s ethical degree fundamentally depends on the level of medical cautiousness and continual researches, on socio-psychological awareness as well as on how profound and strong our educational genuine culture is.

Fifth, the wise use of PSO’s will decisively affect us medically, sociologically, psychologically, financially, economically, and mentally, and our future generations, either destructively or constructively.

Sixth, we are highly responsible for our society’s behavioral changes (in family, school, university, civil bodies, government) as PSO’s culture is an exponentially increasing and influential phenomenon.


By Rev. Dr. Toufic Haddad

Youngest Ordained Evangelical Reverend in Lebanon. Ph.D. ABD in Physics; MS in Educational Administration; MS in Theoretical Physics; BS in Computer and Communication Engineering; Minor in Mathematics.

All Rights Reserved to the Author, 2017.


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