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PoliYouth “Technical Assistance to Support Youth Development in Lebanon”


Ministry of Youth and Sport, November 2017 – Jbeil

Within the framework of the “Technical Assistance to Support Youth Development in Lebanon” project funded by the European Union and implemented by the British Council in collaboration with the American University of Beirut, the Ministry of Youth and Sports organized a consultation meeting at the Youth Energy for Development (YED) office in the presence of MP Simon Abi Ramia, Chairman of the Youth and Sport s Parliamentary Committee .

The meeting , which is part of a series of similar consultations organized with youth groups in Lebanon, aimed at raising awareness and discuss ing priorities, procedures and possible implementation steps of the National Youth Policy in Lebanon , which was endorsed by the Council of Minister s in 2012.

The representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mr. Edgar Ballan stated that the implementation of the youth policy requires concerted efforts from all relevant stakeholders, including the youth forum, Civil Society Organisations and concerned ministries.

MP Abi Ra mia stress ed that “work and econo mic participation is a priority ” , calling for the activation of the role of the National Employment O ffice (NEO) in carrying out its duties , mainly to adopt a job creation policy in Lebanon at all levels.

Following the meeting , a series of interactive sessions and workshops among youth groups took place to discuss the needs of youth within the five priorities of the National Youth Policy: immigration , employment , political participation , educa tion and health , and the means to reach the desired results.

About the project:

This project is a 2 year project , which aims at building the capacities of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Youth Forum , enhance the role of youth and increase the level of youth participation in Lebanon in relation to national youth policy.

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