On September 2, 2022, the Liberty Front Chief Committee held its regular meeting under the chairmanship of Sheikh Ignace Keyrouz, in which it deliberated on national and social affairs, and stopped deeply at the imminent presidential entitlement and the ambiguity and speculation surrounding it. The suffocating conditions we are living today make this presidential entitlement a fateful crossroads on the basis of which the future of Lebanon and its people will be determined. Therefore, the Liberty Front emphasis on the following:

  • The end of the term of office of the President must be the beginning of a new term and any other contrary opinions puts the country at risk and jeopardize the sacrifices of our martyrs that was shed to preserve our country and its message. 
  • The person of the President-elect, his ideas and his experience are pivotal at this particular stage, contrary to all that is rumored. Neither his detracted powers lose its role nor any external ambitions weaken its ability to preserve the unity and the sovereignty of Lebanon, provided that he has an inclusive, responsible, reliable personality, free from any dependence on the inside and outside, recognized for its sense of patriotism and integrity, has a complete strategic rescue project with practical ways to drag us out of the tunnel and to put Lebanon back on the global economic map and restore to ALL the Lebanese people their confidence in Lebanon and their ability to produce, innovate and compete in all fields. 
  • The Maronite community stores many national statures that have the characteristics we have mentioned and that are suitable for this post and are able to cooperate with all sincere national leaders to save Lebanon and agree on the rules of a new system to build a modern state that suits the pluralistic nature of the Lebanese people.  A state that is rebuilt based on objective scientific foundations to serve and protect all Lebanese citizens. A state that respects and guarantees the rights and duties of the Lebanese people of all spectrums.  
  • The parliament has only to make a good choice away from external advice and interference, putting Lebanon’s interest and future above all considerations, as we all have the right to live in all dignity, security and freedom under a genuine state that cares for all its citizens. 
  • The Liberty Front, for what it represents, wishes that all candidates for the presidency of the Lebanese Republic to be distinguished by a reformist vision and credibility that enables them to bring together all Lebanese to build a nation and a state, the pillar of which is to avoid all corrupt mentality or behavior that is harmful to the public field. They should have an indisputable CV, and they have the ability to establish the best relations with all national components in the belief that the nation is for all and can only be promoted by the concerted efforts of all its citizens
  • Running for the President of the Republic in this particular circumstance is a rescue act and a national duty that needs a lot of fatigue and sacrifice that can only conclude by joining efforts and extending hands to all sincere national wills.
  • The Liberty Front hopes that this initiative resonates with all parties and asks all political authorities to facilitate the achievement of this entitlement on its constitutional date and not to miss the opportunity to save Lebanon.

The Liberty Front

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