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Rebirth Beirut honors contemporary art in the capital

An exhibition that gathered the most prominent modern artists with art lovers 

With great success, the exhibition “A tribute to modernity“, organized by Rebirth Beirut and in collaboration with “Artscene Gallery“, continues at the headquarters of the Association in Gemmayzé.

The exhibition is welcoming visitors and art lovers until June 16, 2022, including artists and journalists from the capital and all over Lebanon.

The founder and president of Rebirth Beirut, Mr. Gaby Fernaine, considered in a speech that the association proves, day after day, its remarkable success in organizing exhibitions and cultural events that benefit Lebanon and its people, and added:

 “Beirut deserves everything we do to ensure that life, joy, culture and love return to its streets.”

 Regarding the association’s third exhibition in a row, he said: “We are working to reaffirm that the association’s headquarters is a cultural center that attracts and hosts all kinds of cultural activities, and we promise all the city lovers that we will continue to provide the best to our people because they deserve.”

It is worth noting that the Rebirth Beirut is preparing to launch a major artistic event in the coming days that will gather all the people in the city that resembles to the Lebanese people who will never give up and always have hope. 

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