From Nov 28 to Dec 2, Opening Nov 28 from 6pm to 9pm at ArtLab Gemmayze, Beirut

4200 of Beirut’s heritage buildings were demolished in the last 23 years. Buildings that tell tales of Old Beirut are now dust in the sea. Buildings that housed stories and memories of its inhabitants were reduced to a pile of stones with a blink of an eye.
“Reconstructing Memories” attempts to rebuild stories from the remains of a newly demolished building in Gemmayze (facing Artlab) through the views of 11 different artists.
Marc Sawaya (Designer)
“Safar the Story” – Clara Kossaifi (Movie Director)
Noel Nasr (Photographer)
Tarek Mourad (Printmaker)
Jacques Vartabedian (Painter)
Ivan Debs & Gabriella Lteif (Illustrators)
Petram Chalach (Painter)
Nad Ammous (Photographer)
Lea Bou Habib (Painter)
Naji Esther (Installation)
Sasha Haddad (Musician)
Morteza Khosravi (Painter)

Save Beirut Heritage