The Military Court of Cassation convicted Suzanne al-Hajj for concealing information in the Ziad Itani case, sentencing her to 2 months in prison and a fine of 200,000 Lebanese pounds. The court also condemned the latter for an offense of fabricating a case of espionage against the actor, while at the same time condemning the hacker Elie Ghabash to one and a half years in prison within the framework of the same. case.

As a reminder, Suzanne el Hajj, sister-in-law of deputy Hadi Hobeiche, member of the parliamentary bloc of the Current of the Future, had been accused of having ordered the establishment of false evidence accusing the actor Ziad Itani of spying for the benefit of Israel, with the help of a hacker, Elie Ghabash, occasionally working with the Lebanese authorities.
The latter thus intended to take revenge on the actor who had published on his Twitter account, a like to a cartoon targeting the Saudi authorities who had come at the time to recognize women, the right to drive.
This screenshot led to Suzanne Hajj’s resignation from her post as head of the internal security forces’ cybercrime unit in October 2017.

Arrested on charges of being in contact with the Israeli intelligence services on the basis of conversations obtained through access to his social accounts, Ziad Itani had spent more than 100 days in prison until he was released for misconduct. evidence, in March 2018.

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